TotalEdit Free Portable


A great text editor for programming in any language



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TotalEdit Free Portable is the portable version of the text editor that doesn't require installation. It works both as a plain text notepad and as a programming environment, capable of recognizing syntax from numerous languages. It also includes correction tools and autocomplete.

This software's simple interface includes a basic notepad in the main window and a menu in the upper part of the screen that can be used to save documents, undo changes, copy and paste information, and view files. There's also a column on the left where you can access any of your computer's folders.

TotalEdit Free Portable offers all the features a text editor should. Plus, it lets you work with HTML and hexadecimal documents, contains an XML file validator, and has a file compare option. It's also compatible with Windows code (ANSI), UTF-8, Unicode, Big-Endian, UNIX (LF), and MAC (CR), and can also recognize PHP, C, C++, Java, HTML, ASP, JSP, CSS, Javascript, Perl, Python, Ruby, Pascal, and SQL.
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